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CorkscrewEstablished in 1995, The Dolega Group began as a restaurant consulting group. Over the years it has expanded and now offers many wine industry services.

WINES & SPIRITS - We pride ourselves on helping introduce small artisan wine makers and distillers, whose focus is on producing sustainable and organic, high quality, limited availability products to the Ontario market. We are committed to building and maintaining a great portfolio that continues to meet these criteria.

BARRELS - For 20 years now, Tonnellerie Condachou has specialized in the renovation of barrels. They are one of the rare coopers to offer this product of the future. Many winegrowers part with their barrels after only 3 or 4 years and thanks to their planing and reheating process, the life of the barrel will be extended for 3 or more years. Their know-how associated with a controlled toasting will allow the barrels to find aromas similar to those of a new barrel and to recreate the alchemy so important between wood and wine.

SERVICES - The Dolega Group has over 20 years experience in the beverage alcohol industry across Canada. Its experience ranges from the start up of an Ontario winery to the management of multi million dollar sales and marketing budgets for large multi-national distributors. Whether your service needs are about crafting a new wine list for your restaurant’s menu or providing a marketing proposal for new investors, The Dolega Group is there with its expertise and knowledge.

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