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Seguin Moreau offers a range of oak products designed for various winemaking objectives derived from the same oak selection and that undergo the same aging process at the rough staves used for coopering barrels.

French Haute Futaie sessile oak lends complex notes of toast yet subtly accents the wine’s fruit. It provides an increase in volume with no excessive structuring.

American white oak from Midwestern and Appalachian forests helps promote a more intense aromatic expression with added volume and sweetness on the palate.


This range of enological staves enables winemakers to give their wine complex oak aromas. The aroma profile is produced at a reasonably price and can be reproduced. This is a quality tool that complements ageing in barrels. The aromas and tannins are extracted slowly and gradually, achieving balanced, nuanced ingress that varies according to the oak species chosen and firing levels.

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This enological innovation ensures that a wine range aged in ancient oak barrels will be distinctive and profitable. It was designed using a precise combination of oak species with specific maturation and firing. This unique enological tool ensures a complex sensory profile that can be reproduced.

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This range was designed to achieve optimal expression of the oak's nuances and complexity. It ensures regular, precise sensory profiles.

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