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Château de Grandmont

Château de Grandmont is situated in the picturesque hamlet of Blacé.  Throughout the ages, monks of religious orders in France have been the custodians of great wine and great wine makeing traditions,  Château de Grandmont is no exception. During the twelve century, the Grandmont was a priory.  Though the men with holy orders may have disappeared, the love affair with the vine at Grandmont has not.  GrandmontIn 1603 the Brac de la Perriere family picked up the torch and continue a tradition initiated so many centuries ago.

Drawing from 10.5 hectares of vineyards in Beaujolais and Morgon, with average vine age of 45 years, the resulting wines are of great depth and complexity and can age well.



Rosé Wine

2012 Beaulolais Rosé  $19.00

Red Wines

2011 Beaujolais Villages  $19.00

2010 Beaujolais Morgon "Corcelette"  $26.00

2010 Beaujolais Morgon "Corcelette" Reserve  $32.00

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