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Château Pont de Brion

GravesIn 1931, Paul Dauvin started this wonderful family history by coming to live in Langon, a commune in the Graves region south of Bordeaux on the left bank of the Garonne, where the temperate climate is so suited to the cultivation of vines because of its mildness and regular rainfall. He planted the first vines adjoining the present property.

In 1955, Jean Brussac, his son-in-law, took over the business which at that time covered 2 hectares. It was only when Antonio Molinari, Jean Brussac's son-in-law, joined the domain in 1957 that this was increased to 7 ha.

Pascal ,the great grandson of the founder, returned to the vineyard in 1988. Today, the property directed by the fourth generation has expanded to 20 hectares, while continuing to adhere to the philosophy laid down at the outset.


White Wine

2011 Château Ludeman le Cédres $18.00

2011 Château Pont de Brion $22.00

Rosé Wine

2012 Terzo de Pont de Brion  $15.00

Red Wine

2010 Château Ludeman le Cédres $19.00

2010 Château Pont de Brion $23.00

Sweet Wine

2009 Château Pont de Brion Liquoreux (500mL)  $32.00

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