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Champagne Jacques PicardVeronique and Philippe

At the end of the nineteen fifties, Roger Picard, who was mayor of Berru at the time, planted vines on parcels of land, dating back to the 12 century, that had just been granted the Champagne appellation label.

At the beginning of the nineteen-sixties, Jacques Picard, produced the very first bottles of champagne under his name.

Sylvie and Corinne, Jacques Picard's two daughters, accompanied by their husbands, took over the business in the 1990s. Together, the family has continued to develop and modernize the business, respecting its traditions, philosophy and high-quality production which characterizes the brand Jacques Picard. As owners and winegrowers, the whole production process takes place on our land, with grapes exclusively from our own vineyards.


White Wines

NV Réserve Classic Chardonnay  $69.00

NV Réserve Classic Chardonnay  1.5L $120.00

NV Réserve Classic Chardonnay  375mL $39.00

NV Demi-Sec $69.00

NV Prestige $85.00

2008 Mesnil $108.00

Folie de Cramant 1.5L $225.00

Rosé Wine

NV Rosé Chardonnay  $77.00

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